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14 July 2017 @ 11:59 am

this blog is strictly for friends only,
if you wish to be add, please comment in this post,
this journal contains all my personal live..
scroll down to the 2nd post onwards to read my blog :)
Thank you for understanding..

my guitarist are my love,
please dont take them away from me =)
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24 December 2011 @ 01:36 pm
Melka dear <3 I've gotten your mail!!! <3
Arigatou~~~~~ <33333333

I'll write to you soonnn :D
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07 September 2011 @ 12:36 am
I had a dream last night. And I can't stop wondering back to the past.
Things that will never be the same.
I wonder what will I do if I gave people another chance not to lie to me?
Things will be better? I don't know.
If there's something for ME to be sorry about, I'll apologize.
If I feel that by doing something bad to ME just because I did something bad to you,
I don't thing you might own this apology. I feel.
I don't wanna be a good person to be pushed around all day. I'm tired of giving in so much.

I felt like I'm missing out a lot.
I totally forgot what feeling it's like to hang out with a bunch of friends all the time.
When relationship is more important to me than family.
Now come to think of it, I don't understand what's important to me any more.
Because my life became so empty.

I ran. I ran away from all the people who are bad to me.
I hide my true self so I wont get hurt again.
I'm afraid of trusting people because I'm afraid I might get myself into depression again.
But I miss the old days.
I miss so many people who were once so important to me,
and now they are gone, either they found someone better, or they think I'm a junk.
I gave up anyway. To everything, because things became not worthy to fight for.
People I dont wanna trust are so close with me,
people whom I wanna trust betrayed me.

I probably want a peaceful life, yet with enjoyment.
I guess I'm fine being what I am now. If I met nothing about other people..
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27 June 2011 @ 12:29 am
You probably think that I'm dead, no news lol.
In fact yeah barely dying LOL~ :)
I'm so tired now a days especially work is soooo intensive (for the brain)

My work is FUN~ really fun.
I mean my bosses are funny people. Although being the only girl sucks. LOL.
There are times I still dont dare to open up to them..
Not like I dont want to.. probably more of I couldnt? D:
They are all 34~36 :\ lol. (34, 35, 36)
I'm.. just.. 21. D: lol
Oh well :) but be sides that I enjoy staying back late hours playing with my boss' son LOL~
he is really really cute!!! (cuter than my cousins for sure)
lol~ I hope he will not be naughty next D:

So now I'm still trying to get used to this life -_-
getting tired and more tired everyday...
Sleepy and sleepier too :\
Getting later.. and a little later to office too.. :\
but they are not really particular about being late for like 5~15 mins. :)

Oh well :)
So far I still doesnt have the "I dont wanna go work" feeling :)
lol~ so yuppp :) hope the next erm.. 11 months will be better :D
tomorrow I will have big surprise for my sis <3 lol~
so excited :D haha~ ciaos :D

Oh oh~ in case you wondering what happen to me~
feel free to add me on FACEBOOK :) (proved I know who you are [warning for prankers])
And of course
:)))))) if you have twitter it will be best :)
So far I'm keeping my twitter low profile so yup feel free to ask me really!! :D
(Rinka-chan added me!! <3) lol~ :)
love you all :D
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09 June 2011 @ 09:55 pm
oh well :) I should say work so far is fine. :)
Finally a week has pass, and weekend soon.
I hope by next week, my bosses are free to teach me things.
I'm amazed by how my Chinese boss can do photoshopping with mouse.
I mean it's different photoshopping from us. that's awesome.
and my Thai boss, he is currently VERY VERY BUSY. :(
oh well~ lol erm so far, I still dont think I'm getting along with them. I mean..
I always leave early (I mean on the dot.).. lol~
I dont really wait for them. because I... dont know what I can do already. D:
gah so sorry. oh well. when I have more things to do I'll promise to stay back. LOL!

anyway today on the way home, I went to meet toot.
Like it seems ages I have not been talking to him.
And he was there complaining how WoW have no one online.. -_-
like boy, when I was around last time you were playing some game with your other friends.
Now you complain isnt that a little late?! D:
lol~ so that man totally FORGOT about me.
So I texted him and he was in the hurry to go home to eat.
Hungry and ANGRY boy.
ran all the way from my work place to the train station to take the train to meet him.
after that we talked for awhile and went home.
Oh well :)

My love is going to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 again with his mom.
And tomorrow going to check the Blackberry phone :3333
I'm gonna buy I wanna buy please let me BUYY T_T
and NEW com soon :) my brother is going to give me his old com soon :3 heehee~
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02 June 2011 @ 11:20 pm
Work is kinda fun. :) I got 4 people in the small company including me. :)
lol~ I got 2 bosses in total. haha.
One of them looks like TOOT, and the other boss his surename is almost like one of my friend's, Sitoh.
And my colleague looks like Banya, who is my lecturer last time :)

Work so far is cool. My 3rd day tomorrow.
Found out that all the people there are gamers. lol.
Tired forcing myself to learn new things and I will :)
Have to buck up ehhh ._.
Going to sleep soon :) just here to tell everyone I'm still alive. lol.

Before I go I saw this text in tumblr that makes me kinda heartache:

"Remember me? I used to be your favorite hello, your hardest goodbye, I used to be the person you wated to talk most and will miss if you didn't get to talk to me/ I used to be someone you wanted to be with everyday and night, I used to be the first thought before you go to sleep, I used to be the person who you wished to see me smile when I'm down and who wish I didn't cry. I used to be the most beautiful person to you. Yeah, I used to be that person. Do you still remember me?"
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28 May 2011 @ 12:58 am
alright :) updates again. :)
well erm~ 3~4 more days till I officially work ._.
Come to say, I hate to say goodbye to all this crazy days.
Hanging out with friends till late night <3 watching like 3 movies STRAIGHT with my love LOL!
happy days just never ends for me :)
Downloading videos like made to watch.
And I'm totally insane wit Channing Tatum *_*
Thanks to like 7 years' ago Step up that I downloaded. LOL.
I really love how cute he is in the shows :))
Really can't get how cute this guy is in the show,
please dont tell me the bad things he did in his real life because I will be like crazy D:

Yes~ And recently.. or in fact YESTERDAY? lol,
I just got my own room. not really pretty now.
I hope by time pass it will be more like a designer's room :)
I'm gonna start working out again :(
lol~ too much fun this few weeks and lazying out on exercise :)

Gah~ I'm having this song stuck in my like CRAZY.
reason Channing Tatum is cute.
LOL~ :) gosh X3333
Oh and today me and my love finally decided like we are going to get blackberry <3
I'm going to get the white one which is kinda like the same price as him.
And after playing with NDS3D today,
I'm kinda disappointed -_-...
like the Mii isnt like me >_> I'm so utterly disappointed lol.
I laughed at my love's and he laughed at MINE -_- LOL~
oh well kinda racist for an asian because the advertisement seems pretty nice...
but sad to say.. it's not true :(
Sigh yo NDS3D. I think you need to wait... -_-
I'm gonna get a phone first. I dont care LOL!
damn save money save money!!!!!!!! <3
Twitter and Tumblr wait for me okay? :D
If I can use it for LJ I'll be more than happy to <3 hahaa :D
lovely :)

today is just happpppyyyy *HIGGHH*
tomorrow I'll see my friends at camp. then my love at his house :)
it has been long I have ate dinner at home.
Tomorrow let's save some money and eat at home :)
Night people <3
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22 May 2011 @ 01:53 am

Today made lasagna with my love to celebrate me getting job :)
it's kinda like messy..? but I still love it in the end :D
it turned out really really nice O_O.


Today is not really a happy day, neither was it that bad coming to the end.
Like morning was pretty boring..
I mean playing with kids really aches my body and muscle and fucking stamina LOL.
Geez. Blow-wind-blow, 
Best suggested not to sit down please. I'm BEGGING YOU -_-...

When to get Frou's bedding,
Thanks Jianyu and Gordon for taking turn to help me carry it :)
And today we busted Xiaoyin for her 21st birthday XDDD
it's AWESOME :)

Then went to my boyfriend's house to play game and cook lasagna :)
I feel like I'm learning to cook more and more things as I'm staying by his side. LOL
Preparing to be a good housewife? :)
I think so :D But I still wanna learn things I can cook for myself first <3 just for PURE PLEASURE :DDDD
love the dinner :D gonna go sleep :)
good night people <3
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20 May 2011 @ 11:53 pm
Today went to sign the contract with the boss finally.
I'm so guilty of taking 2 days off but like I told them earlier, like during the interview.
You knew it. lol.
They are nice people..?
lol~ I dont know but yeah~ nice day with my mom today.
Talking about our past, Grandparents, on how they past away.

Seriously I miss someone.
I don't know if I'm allow to talk about her..
But no.. I don't have the courage to raise a voice about her.
Because I'm scare.
I'm scare that I'll cry when I think about her..
So no.

I'm looking forward to get away from this school FASTER.
and yeah bloody work. work my ass off for money? lol~
I need my NDS3D FASSTTTTTTT <3<3<3
it's gonna be the birthday present for my 21st birthday I guess :D
nice~ <3

I bought a shirt today.
Cant tell if I'd lost weight or gain weight.
I'm going to weigh at my boyfriend's house tomorrow.
Before having lasagna :)
A "celebration" for my work.
Tomorrow we are watching Gzats too :)))
I'm soooo excited :)
since my boyfriend gonna come ALLLL the way to the east side to accompany me :)
Like I'm having meeting in my secondary schools. I'm gonna take the chance to walk around the school..
I'm missing it a lot. :(
Oh and that reminds me I've tons of things to do after this -_-.. bloody hell.

I went on to try shoes.
lotttssssssssss of HIGH HEELSSSSSS *____*~~~~~
hahaa I'm in love with you all T_T~ <3
lol anyway like I hint my mom today. lol. See if she gets it.
She was telling me that the high heels are too high, why am I wearing it for? (3 inch tall roughly.)
and I told her WHY NOT? If I get a BOYFRIEND like my senior~ I COULD :D
LOL~ and she laughed and hit me :3
Some day I really want my mom to hold my child, her grandchildren :)
yup yup :) Wait for this day mom <3

haha. other than that, which is talking about my secondary school friends all the way.
I missed them already :(
Like since this few days it's all about meeting them.
I feel like everyone is moving on. So should I.

I'm going on to write my letter.
hahaha :) ciaos.
and rinka88 がんばってね!! for exams :)
Love you all :) night <3
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19 May 2011 @ 01:02 am
This week felt like it's a met up for secondary school classmates.
Really I had lots of fun and when it comes to parting, I really don't wanna go :(

I mean I really really love all of them :)
It really feels like shit if my world is without them.
They made me realized what friends for so many years are for.

Well, I had like a meet up with my clique.
It's an awesome party for Zhiyao and Xiaoyin.
I'd made this A2 big cards for them :)
Not the best but yeah it's awesome :)
I wasn't very happy on that day but after that it was KINDA okay.
Staying over at my Ken's house with everyone and talk about rubbish LOL.
Totally rubbish.
Strawberry flavored tampons, lol.
That's what I remembered only. It's kinda funny that we had dirty talks LOL.
I mean we are all this age already, still think back when we were young,
everyone is so shy to talk about all this kinda of things.
Also the guys are going for National Service too.
I'm gonna miss them soon :(
The guys are very nice guys.
Sometimes they don't mind spending money on us just to treat us girls :)
unlike other guys. (urgh)
It's an awesome stay over talking till the morning lol~
But in the end I went to my boyfriend house to sleep then I went home :)

And today :)
I met up with my "daughter" lol~
Well she's my best friend last time.
I think I can finally hang out with someone near me T_T
like others are so far from me.
I miss them, but travelling down is sooooo far...
So I met up with her today :)
And I went back to school to eat with her, because it's cheaper :)
Then we BITCH about people. lol. Like people we dislike in the past.
Totally enjoyed the bitching session lol~ then we head on to buy drinks near her house.
And went to her house to take a look :)
it's really pretty. Always had been my dream house :)
2 bedrooms 2 toilet. Small and nice :) I love it.
Then we talked about our future~
To our boyfriends: please work hard to marry us okay? :D
LOL. I don't know if my getting married at the age of 28 will come truth.
But let's just pray. :D
Had fun talking with her about life, school, boyfriends going National Service :)
I'm going to visit her someday soon. ^_^
HAHA :) Life is so different now :)
Changing everyday.

To all my secondary school friends:
You all played a part in my life.
Be it good or bad, your actions mould me into what I am now.
To be love or not, I think it will all sit in the past.
I love my life now, and I love all of you too :)
Thank you for being my friends until now.
It's been 6~8 or 14 years for the longest. lol.
You guys rocks :) Remember that <3
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