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20 May 2011 @ 11:53 pm
Today, nice, totally.  
Today went to sign the contract with the boss finally.
I'm so guilty of taking 2 days off but like I told them earlier, like during the interview.
You knew it. lol.
They are nice people..?
lol~ I dont know but yeah~ nice day with my mom today.
Talking about our past, Grandparents, on how they past away.

Seriously I miss someone.
I don't know if I'm allow to talk about her..
But no.. I don't have the courage to raise a voice about her.
Because I'm scare.
I'm scare that I'll cry when I think about her..
So no.

I'm looking forward to get away from this school FASTER.
and yeah bloody work. work my ass off for money? lol~
I need my NDS3D FASSTTTTTTT <3<3<3
it's gonna be the birthday present for my 21st birthday I guess :D
nice~ <3

I bought a shirt today.
Cant tell if I'd lost weight or gain weight.
I'm going to weigh at my boyfriend's house tomorrow.
Before having lasagna :)
A "celebration" for my work.
Tomorrow we are watching Gzats too :)))
I'm soooo excited :)
since my boyfriend gonna come ALLLL the way to the east side to accompany me :)
Like I'm having meeting in my secondary schools. I'm gonna take the chance to walk around the school..
I'm missing it a lot. :(
Oh and that reminds me I've tons of things to do after this -_-.. bloody hell.

I went on to try shoes.
lotttssssssssss of HIGH HEELSSSSSS *____*~~~~~
hahaa I'm in love with you all T_T~ <3
lol anyway like I hint my mom today. lol. See if she gets it.
She was telling me that the high heels are too high, why am I wearing it for? (3 inch tall roughly.)
and I told her WHY NOT? If I get a BOYFRIEND like my senior~ I COULD :D
LOL~ and she laughed and hit me :3
Some day I really want my mom to hold my child, her grandchildren :)
yup yup :) Wait for this day mom <3

haha. other than that, which is talking about my secondary school friends all the way.
I missed them already :(
Like since this few days it's all about meeting them.
I feel like everyone is moving on. So should I.

I'm going on to write my letter.
hahaha :) ciaos.
and rinka88 がんばってね!! for exams :)
Love you all :) night <3
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Amanda Seyfried - Little House
rinkarinka88 on May 21st, 2011 03:57 am (UTC)
lolol thanks hunny!! XD I feel sick already I'm gonna watch movies with my friend later. XD
xiaoxuan99: the GazettE - Aoi smack Ruki!! X333xiaoxuan99 on May 21st, 2011 04:20 pm (UTC)
omg! :( thank care my dear :((
Drink some honey lemon drink :) it can help to strengthen your immune system :)
I'm discipling myself drinking that everyday though :D heehee <3
it's soooooo bad weather here in asia T_T so take care :) <3