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19 May 2011 @ 01:02 am
Friends? they are so much better :)  
This week felt like it's a met up for secondary school classmates.
Really I had lots of fun and when it comes to parting, I really don't wanna go :(

I mean I really really love all of them :)
It really feels like shit if my world is without them.
They made me realized what friends for so many years are for.

Well, I had like a meet up with my clique.
It's an awesome party for Zhiyao and Xiaoyin.
I'd made this A2 big cards for them :)
Not the best but yeah it's awesome :)
I wasn't very happy on that day but after that it was KINDA okay.
Staying over at my Ken's house with everyone and talk about rubbish LOL.
Totally rubbish.
Strawberry flavored tampons, lol.
That's what I remembered only. It's kinda funny that we had dirty talks LOL.
I mean we are all this age already, still think back when we were young,
everyone is so shy to talk about all this kinda of things.
Also the guys are going for National Service too.
I'm gonna miss them soon :(
The guys are very nice guys.
Sometimes they don't mind spending money on us just to treat us girls :)
unlike other guys. (urgh)
It's an awesome stay over talking till the morning lol~
But in the end I went to my boyfriend house to sleep then I went home :)

And today :)
I met up with my "daughter" lol~
Well she's my best friend last time.
I think I can finally hang out with someone near me T_T
like others are so far from me.
I miss them, but travelling down is sooooo far...
So I met up with her today :)
And I went back to school to eat with her, because it's cheaper :)
Then we BITCH about people. lol. Like people we dislike in the past.
Totally enjoyed the bitching session lol~ then we head on to buy drinks near her house.
And went to her house to take a look :)
it's really pretty. Always had been my dream house :)
2 bedrooms 2 toilet. Small and nice :) I love it.
Then we talked about our future~
To our boyfriends: please work hard to marry us okay? :D
LOL. I don't know if my getting married at the age of 28 will come truth.
But let's just pray. :D
Had fun talking with her about life, school, boyfriends going National Service :)
I'm going to visit her someday soon. ^_^
HAHA :) Life is so different now :)
Changing everyday.

To all my secondary school friends:
You all played a part in my life.
Be it good or bad, your actions mould me into what I am now.
To be love or not, I think it will all sit in the past.
I love my life now, and I love all of you too :)
Thank you for being my friends until now.
It's been 6~8 or 14 years for the longest. lol.
You guys rocks :) Remember that <3
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