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22 May 2011 @ 01:53 am
Homemade lasagna with love :)  

Today made lasagna with my love to celebrate me getting job :)
it's kinda like messy..? but I still love it in the end :D
it turned out really really nice O_O.


Today is not really a happy day, neither was it that bad coming to the end.
Like morning was pretty boring..
I mean playing with kids really aches my body and muscle and fucking stamina LOL.
Geez. Blow-wind-blow, 
Best suggested not to sit down please. I'm BEGGING YOU -_-...

When to get Frou's bedding,
Thanks Jianyu and Gordon for taking turn to help me carry it :)
And today we busted Xiaoyin for her 21st birthday XDDD
it's AWESOME :)

Then went to my boyfriend's house to play game and cook lasagna :)
I feel like I'm learning to cook more and more things as I'm staying by his side. LOL
Preparing to be a good housewife? :)
I think so :D But I still wanna learn things I can cook for myself first <3 just for PURE PLEASURE :DDDD
love the dinner :D gonna go sleep :)
good night people <3
Current Mood: lovedloved